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Public Policy Advocacy – Does your company, firm, non-profit or association need assistance in the Arizona policy arena? Is there a public policy situation you would like to advance? Or is there one that exists or that is being proposed that you would like to influence? The Dunn-Stewart Group can help you develop a strategy to maximize your ability to affect the outcome of the public policy in question. Our legislative experience and relationships can help your company or association in the Arizona public policy area.

Executive Policy and Agency Management – Policy is not just made at the legislative level, many times the legislature delegates policy to the executive agencies for implementation.  In these cases, your company’s interest must be represented at the agency level. Effective action in this setting relates not only to understanding how state and local agencies work, it also is dependent on having positive relationships with agency executive management.  Access to senior executive management many times is the key to effecting positive outcomes for clients.  The Dunn-Stewart Group has developed these relationships over several decades and can bring that rapport to bear on your specific policy initiative.

Doing Business with the State and Local Government– Doing business with the government can be a profitable and rewarding venture.  The government offers stable business relationships, fair competition, and certainty of payment for the goods and services your firm or non-profit provides.  However, procurement laws, rules, and regulations prohibit many individuals and firms from optimizing their business opportunities with the government. The Dunn Stewart Group can help you navigate the complexities of doing business with the state of Arizona and local governments and help you create a new market for your company in the public sector.

Procurement Technical Assistance – Has your company identified a business opportunity with a government agency or is it currently doing business with the  government but must participate in a Request For Proposal (RFP) process to continue doing business? We can help you construct your RFP in a manner that will maximize your organization’s competitiveness in the procurement process.  The Dunn-Stewart Group has years of experience writing RFP’s on the agency side as well as assisting clients respond to agency RFP’s that range in value from several million dollars a year to more $130 million annually.

Organizational Development – Is your organization operating at peak performance? Is your mission, vision, goals, objectives and organizational structure aligned to give you optimal organizational results? The Dunn-Stewart Group can review your organization and recommend in consultation with you and your senior management team members modifications to improve organizational efficiency. This review is not a “time and motion study“ but rather an organizational study to align structure with the business mission as envisioned by ownership and management.

Human Resource Assistance – Human resource management in this day and age presents many opportunities and challenges. The myriad federal and state laws coupled with the differing and often conflicting expectations of Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and the Millennial generations create situations that many times end up in the human resource area for resolution.  Not positively resolving these issues at that company level many times leads to external administrative review and litigation. The Dunn-Stewart Group can help you with specific issues and challenges or advise you regarding your human resource policy system. Let us help you!

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